Acting Chief Student Affairs OfficerMs. Lilian Ningning LiAD-501-R53620227
Associate DirectorMr. Li Junyang T4-1013620227

Personal Growth and Counseling Center
Senior CounselorMs. Aileen MeiLing SIUV18-1013620210
Senior CounselorDr. Rong KANGV18-1013620210
CounselorMs. Wenwen JINV18-1013620210
CounselorMs. Eva Shan LIUV18-1013620210
CounselorMs. Grace Siwei LIUV18-1013620210
CounselorMs. Siavon Yafen DINGV18-1013620210
Junior CounselorMs. Jane Jin LYUV18-1013620210
Junior CounselorMs. Nan JIAV18-1013620210
Senior CounselorMs. Erin Yanhui WUV18-1013620210
Senior CounselorMs. Jing CHENV18-1013620210
Senior CounselorMs. Monica Junru QIUV18-1013620210
Senior Administrative AssistantMs. Ruby Juan LIUV18-1013620210

Students' Servant Leadership Development Team
Assistant Director of SAOMr. Kenny Yunjian LANT5-1013620229
Senior Student Development TutorMr. Jeffrey Jianjin ZHUANGT5-1013620218
Senior Student Development TutorMs. Grace Hong GAOT5-1013620226
Student Development TutorMs. Snow XueXian ZHENGT5-1013620819
Junior Student Development TutorMs. Sandy Yongshan YUANT5-1013620812
Junior Student Development TutorMs. Jenny Juanming ZHAOT5-1013620195
Student Development AssistantMs. Aria Yunning CHENT5-1013677113
Student Development AssistantMs. Crystal Xiaohe HANT5-1013620224

Student Support Services Team
Assistant Director of SAOMs. Joann Yan CHENT4-2033620232
Administrative OfficerMs. April Changli LIAOT4-2033620230
Students and Staff Activities Center (T4 & T29)
Administrative OfficerMs. Fay Changfei TANT4-2033620221
Senior Administrative AssistantMs. Flavia Fangshu CHENT4-2033620544
Senior Administrative AssistantMs. Shirley Yongshi CHENT29-1073620498
Senior Administrative AssistantMs. Fiona Xiaowan FANGT29-1073620541

Students' Learning Communities Development Team( 24 Hours Hot Line:15992699031)
Senior Residence TutorMs. Carlee Xiaofen CHENT4-1013620238
Senior Residence TutorMs. Moon Liyue FENGT4-1013620490
Residence TutorMs. Julia Longfang ZHUT4-1013620868
Residence TutorMr. Jack Yi ZENGT4-1013620871
Residence TutorMr. Reo Huachun CHENT4-1013620235
Residence TutorMs. Ga Jienong ZHAOT4-1013620237
Junior Residence TutorMr. Jim Jun ZHANGT4-1013677193
Junior Residence TutorMr. Jonathon Yaozhong YET4-1013620869
Junior Residence TutorMr. Roby Ziyang WUT4-1013620615
Junior Residence TutorMr. Xiahang HUANGT4-1013620488
Junior Residence TutorMs. Benny Tingting WEIT4-10113112331926
Junior Residence TutorMs. Lilian Zhe JIANGT4-1013620673
Junior Residence TutorMs. Linda Yiling LINT4-1013620865
Junior Residence TutorMs. Stella Xinyi LIT4-1013620470
Junior Residence TutorMs. Summer Xuexia HUANGT4-1013620492
Junior Residence TutorMs. Winnie Huiling ZHOUT4-1013620497
Junior Residence TutorMs. Yingqiu WANGT4-1013620697
Residence AssistantMs. Joyce Jiaxin LiT4-101
Residence AssistantMr. Boro Baolu LIANGT4-1013620236
Residence AssistantMs. Eileen Jiahang LIT4-1013620432